Shane Black is Nice

I was back and forth as to whether this constituted news you guys would be interested in. After all, just because it rocks my world doesn't mean it will yours. But, after a friend turned me on to this awesome PREDATOR rap I decided I had to report that Shane Black is currently working with Joel Silver on a new film. Silver told Frosty over at Collider that the film will be called THE NICE GUYS and that Black is in the process of writing it right now. Apparently, he didn't get the genre out of his system with KISS KISS BANG BANG, since Silver says it's gonna be another detective story. I don't want to be presumptuous but I've got a feeling it might just be about an odd couple investigating a crime.

I would say I hope it will be awesome, but that's a given when you're talking about Shane Black. What I do hope though, is that he gets Robert Downey Jr. back. Call me old-fashioned by any time a guy pisses on a corpse I get goosebumps.
Extra Tidbit: Shane Black is the dude who makes the jokes in PREDATOR, that retrospectively weren't as funny as I originally thought they were.
Source: Collider



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