Shark attacks get the found-footage treatment in trailer for Cage Dive

Cage Dive found-footage thriller

With very few exceptions, I've never really warmed up to the found-footage genre. They typically strike me as cheaply made cash grabs which show little to no appreciation for their subject matter, but, as they are rather good at making money, it may be a while before we see the last of them. The latest found-footage flick to be added to the pile is CAGE DIVE, an upcoming thriller which finds a group of friends setting out to film an audition tape for an extreme reality game show, naturally, this means taking part in a little shark cage diving. As you've likely surmised, "a catastrophic turn of events leaves them in baited water full of hungry Great White Sharks and turns their audition tape into a survival diary."

I'll admit to being pleasantly surprised with how effective this trailer wound up being, once it finally got around to those "catastrophic turn of events" that is. Who knows whether it will join my rather limited ranks of decent found-footage flicks, but it looks as though CAGE DIVE could have the potential to work. What do you folks think of its chances and please feel free to recommend some of your favourite found-footage movies in the comments below!

CAGE DIVE will be released in 2017.

Source: YouTube



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