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Sharlto Copley to collaborate with Neill Blomkamp once more for Chappie


One of my favorite actors working right now, Sharlto Copley has landed another lead role in a Neill Blomkamp film.

Over the weekend, Copley teased the news on his public Facebook page. On that same page, he also called us "very sneaky" for our early screening of Spike Lee's OLDBOY. Hey! We were just curious!

Blomkamp's next will be sci-fi comedy CHAPPIE. The details of the role that Copley will play are being kept under wraps. The only thing we know at this point is that it will be in an "unusual setting." The oddest thing to me is the rumor that the duo of Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er otherwise known as Die Antwoord. There is no confirmation on this, but this will be one of the most intriguing projects coming up if its true.

Extra Tidbit: How f*cking awesome does Copley look in ELYSIUM?!
Source: EW



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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