Shatner responds

After J.J. Abrams' comments about why William Shatner was not to appear in his upcoming STAR TREK movie, Bill has taken it upon himself to clarify the whole issue for us. You can check the video out BELOW:

I'll be honest I wanted to make some jokes but Shatner scares the shit out of me. I truly cannot determine if he is being sincere or snide. I think it's sincere but I just can't tell. So naturally my next port of call is to ridicule Trek fans. But you guys scare me too. Just looking down the comments on that Youtube video, people are debating the plausibility of Spock having a time machine, or Kirk appearing via the Q continuum or whatever that shit means. I'm pretty sure if I offended you all you'd have no problem fashioning some kind of program that materializes a foot underneath my keyboard and boots me in the nuts whenever I search for porn or something. And that's just not a risk I'm willing to take.
Extra Tidbit: Shatner, I'd fight William Shatner.
Source: ShatnerProject



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