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Shaun the Sheep 2 will be flocking to a theater near you


SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE was inexplicably delightful, plain and simple. The wordless adventure of a sheep and his pals is sweet and hilarious, and was something I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did. But Aardman delivered the goods proving they can literally do anything they want and it will be amazing, including more adventures with Shaun and his poofy pals.

Though a sequel has been rumored since the first movie came out last year, Aardman officially put out a statement announcing plans to get a sequel going by as early as next year. Aardman co-founder David Sproxton had this to say about the project:

"Shaun’s move to the big screen proved such a success with audiences around the world that he and the flock are very excited to be embarking on another big-screen adventure. Aardman is partnering with StudioCanal once again to produce another rip-roaring comedy, featuring Shaun and the rest of the gang in a story that takes them to even greater heights of lunacy."

The 2015 film was nominated for an Oscar for best animated feature (losing to INSIDE OUT) and made $106 million worldwide off a relatively small budget, which is more than enough to warrant the sequel. The movie will be directed by the first film’s co-director Richard Starzak.

SHEEP may not have broken the box office here in the U.S. ($19 million), but it received wide-spread acclaim and ended up as one of the year’s best-reviewed films. Though it’s not my favorite Aardman flick, the movie us undeniably charming and I will no doubt be checking out what they come up with for a sequel. Personally I would like to see them make a sequel surrounding the violent and cruel world of competitive sheep-shearing, but that’s just me.

Pre-production will begin in January 2017 and will be proceeded by Aardman's other new movie, EARLY MAN.

Source: THR



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