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Shawnee for Saw 6


I haven't seen a SAW since SAW III, after which I decided I didn't need to see any more SAW.

But plenty of others keep coming back for the SAW series, and that includes sexy but sadistic SAW star Shawnee Smith, who will officially return for the superfluous SAW 6. Or SAW VI, if they should go Roman.

Smith will once again play Jigsaw protege Amanda, or her flayed face, or her decapitated head stuck on a hate-powered clockwork body, or whatever they're doing in this thing now.

That's about the extent of available information, other than that the sequel will be directed by SAW series editor Kevin Greutert and again written by FEAST fellows Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, and will no doubt involve the gruesome abuse of random humans in nefarious devices.

Extra Tidbit: I first saw Shawnee in the 80s classic comedy SUMMER SCHOOL, which also featured dudes obsessed with horror movie makeup.
Source: Saw site



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