She got another acting gig? Lindsay Lohan to possibly star in Black Friday 3D

There used to be a time when Lindsay Lohan had hope. Now she's just the ginger version of Tara Reid. Not to mention the fact that she's constantly either dropping out of projects or getting dropped.

So the girl must thank her lucky stars when she does get considered for something. Well, it's rumored that Lohan is attached to BLACK FRIDAY 3D, a horror film from Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura. The film is said to, "follow a couple that's viciously assaulted. A brother and friends seek out the murderer and come face to face with the infamous serial killer known as Tyler Hillburg!" Kane Hodder's name is being thrown around as taking on the role of Hillburg.

Most of you might know Kitamura from is work on VERSUS and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN.

Lohan might get a chance to redeem herself when MACHETE comes out. Until then I remain skeptical.

Extra Tidbit: The best representation of Lindsay Lohan comes from ROBOT CHICKEN.



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