Sheen off with Alice

Another actor has been cast alongside Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND to play one of the fantastical characters of Wonderland. Though you might not think of Michael Sheen (THE QUEEN, FROST/NIXON) as the type of actor who'd be up for strapping on a ping-pong ball blue suit to act out some whacked out creature, but that's exactly what he'll doing. Sheen, currently an Oscar possibility for his role in FROST/NIXON, has signed on to star in the film but it's unclear exactly what character he'll be playing. If I had to take a guess I'll just say the Rabbit though I have no inside information. That's me just taking a stab at it. Filming is currently underway on the live-action portion of ALICE IN WONDERLAND with the motion capture stuff (where Sheen and Depp will come in) will happen later. Who do you think Sheen will play? Not the Cheshire Cat, right?

Extra Tidbit: Sheen has a daughter with Kate Beckinsale.
Source: Variety



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