Shelton does School

Golf...a "Sport" only for lack of a better name...

Ron Shelton sure likes his sports, having built a career on films like BULL DURHAM, WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP and  COBB. For his next gig, he'll be revisiting his TIN CUP leisure of choice.

The director has signed on to indie comedy Q SCHOOL, with Dennis Quaid and Tim Allen said to be in negotiations to headline. The story, like its title, centers on an annual Golf tournament known as Qualifying School where players duke it out for a spot on the next year's PGA tour.

A small sports comedy would be a nice change of pace for Quaid, coming off GI JOE and the upcoming PANDORUM. As for Allen, who hopefully is done for good with Santa. Chances are they will co-star with Lolita Davidovich, who appeared in 5 of Shelton's 8 films. Being married to him probably has something to do with it... Filming is set to begin next spring.

Extra Tidbit: BULL DURHAM: Best sports comedy?



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