Sherlock Holmes 2 gets a release date, Rachel McAdams to return but not as a lead

SHERLOCK HOLMES was one of the big surprise hits of last year (further solidifying Robert Downey Jr. as THE A-list movie star working today), so it makes sense that everyone involved scrambled to get the ball moving on its sequel (so much so that RDJ had to back out of Jon Favreau's COWBOYS & ALIENS earlier this year).

Now, THR's Heat Vision is reporting on WB's upcoming slate of films and their release dates, and in it they're saying SHERLOCK HOLMES 2: HOLMES HARDER has been set for a December 16, 2011 release (there's also confirmation on BATMAN 3's July 20, 2012 release as well as "holiday season 2012" for the SUPERMAN reboot, the first we're seeing something for that film I believe).

But will our heroes from the first film be returning for the second go? Yes and no.

RDJ will be back as the titular detective as will Jude Law as his loyal Watson. But in talking to SCI FI Wire about HOLMES 2, Hollywood super producer Joel Silver was asked whether or not the lovely Rachel McAdams would be returning. Silver simply responded, "She'll be present." SCI FI Wire says McAdams will not be the female lead in the sequel.

So what actress can we expect to see donning the corset? As much as I like McAdams (and I really do), it pains me to say that she was one of the film's lesser elements. Who do you guys feel would fit the bill? Lots of speculation is already underway as to who could possibly play the sequel's villain, Holmes' arch-nemesis Moriarty. One name that's been getting tossed around a lot has been Brad Pitt's. Yay? Nay? Let's hear those casting thoughts, folks!
Extra Tidbit: I dug SHERLOCK HOLMES a lot, but was severely disappointed that whatever scene THIS came from was left on the cutting room floor.



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