Sherlock Holmes deets

Empire squeezed a couple of details on the Guy Ritchie SHERLOCK HOLMES movie, catching up with producer Joel Silver and Ritchie himself:

“To a degree, we’re being as authentic as we can to the original books... He [Holmes] was more of an action man originally and I didn’t think it was possible to manifest in an efficient way previously in the productions they have. Now we have money and we have the technology so it seems like we should put it to the test. It was just a natural fit.”

Right now Ritchie is in a pretty precarious position, having made a couple of great films and a couple of real turds. His career could go either way at this point. Fortunately for him he has Robert Downey Jr on his side for this thing, since at this point he's so hot he could make a movie about how he boned your mom set to a Soulja Boy soundtrack and have it open huge at the box-office.
Extra Tidbit: Ritchie dropped out of school at 15.
Source: Empire



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