Sherlock returns

Many have tried to reinvent Sherlock Holmes for modern audiences and many have failed but that isn't stopping Warner Bros. from trying again. The studio has set Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT) to direct a Sherlock Holmes film that would reinvent the slueth as a modern day action hero. The studio is hoping that Marshall can do for Holmes what Christopher Nolan did for Batman in BATMAN BEGINS. The script would lose some of Holmes' "stuffiness" and would instead return him to some early Arthur Conan Doyle novels that showcase his boxing and sword-fighting prowess. Marshall is currently working on his follow-up to THE DESCENT, Rogue Pictures' DOOMSDAY, and Warners is moving ahead quickly to make sure the Holmes film is his next assignment. I'm not sure how this will play for US audiences but it's certainly worth a shot. I think it's a lot better than having Chris Tucker star in SHERLOCK HOMEBOY or something equally as ridiculous. Michael Johnson is currently working on the script based on the upcoming graphic novel by Lionel Wingram.

Extra Tidbit: According to Variety more than 75 actors have played Holmes in more than 200 films and TV shows.
Source: Variety



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