Shia back at work!!!!

Shia's back! Shia's back! And he's got all ten fingers on his hand! Despite reports that Shia would be amputated and the TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN shoot would be delayed by weeks, Film School Rejects is reporting that Mr. LaBeouf is back on set and that the movie saw no delays. Please stop your cartwheels for just a second while I finish this news story. There were reports from Michael Bay that LaBeouf's injury and cast-wearing would be written into the script but it's unclear how that would happen (Yeeouch, Bumblebee stepped on my finger!). LaBeouf will be out doing press for EAGLE EYE very shortly so expect the air to be cleared very soon. In the meanwhile, I assume we're all kinda sick of seeing LaBeouf with a cast on his finger so instead I present to you his TRANSFORMERS 2 co-star (and passenger during the infamous truck flip), Isabel Lucas. Yeeouch indeed.

Extra Tidbit: If I had Isabel Lucas sitting next to me in a truck, I'd probably get so distracted I'd flip it over too.



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