Shia does Death?

A movie adaptation of writer Neil Gaiman’s DC/Vertigo comic DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING has been in development so long that many fans have probably shuffled off this mortal coil while waiting. But now it seems he’ll at last get the opportunity to direct his cute little personification of the final fate.

The comic story follows Death herself, a sprightly young goth girl who socializes with humans to learn more about them, in this case through a suicidal New Yorker. While film ick won’t say/doesn’t know who’ll put on the black mascara to play the lovely non-grim reaper, they state that Shia LaBeouf might join her on the jaunt through self-discovery. LaBeouf (that kid's everywhere these days!) is obviously a big comic reader – not long ago he also expressed interest in starring in another Vertigo comic flick, Y: THE LAST MAN.

Noted comic geek and generally awesome filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is apparently also involved with Gaiman's DEATH in some capacity, possibly as a producer or executive producer, since having his name attached might lubricate a few gears in the process.
Extra Tidbit: A movie based on Gaiman's SANDMAN has also been in the works for over a decade. Gaiman himself says it might "burn forever" in development hell. His STARDUST, however, finally got made.
Source: film ick



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