Shia gets sued?

I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that DISTURBIA was a modern-day remake of REAR WINDOW (expect starring Shia LaBeouf). I mean just do a Google search for "disturbia rear window" and see what comes up: "'Disturbia' peeps into 'Rear Window' for inspiration," "DISTURBIA: Rear Window for the Teen Set," and "Disturbia: A Convincing Remake of Hitchcock's 'Rear Window'" are some of the headlines that come up. But apparently that reality was lost on the rights holders of the original short story REAR WINDOW was based on "Murder from a Fixed Viewpoint." Sheldon Abend, a Hollywood producer, bought the rights to the story in 1991 and though he died about five years ago, his estate still holds the rights. Why Abend's people only realized this now when the film has been out for like two years is beyond me. Netflix people? Hello? DreamWorks, Viacom, Universal and producer Steven Spielberg were all named in the suit, which was filed in a Manhattan federal court on Monday. Should the lawsuit prove successful, star LaBeouf could have his celebrity revoked where he'd return to being "that kid from that Disney show" and another young actor would be digitally inserted into TRANSFORMERS and INDIANA JONES (no, not really).

Extra Tidbit: That's DISTURBIA star Sarah Roemer who's supa dupa hot.
Source: CNN



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