Shia in Indy confirmed!

Finally after weeks of rumors, reports and denials we've got official confirmation - Shia LaBeouf will star in INDIANA JONES 4. They've stopped short of confirming LaBeouf as Indy's son but the actor says, "I can tell you I'm sort of the sidekick character," adding "it's not going to be Short Round, all grown up." Considering Indy's already got a sidekick in Ray Winstone, I'm guessing LaBeouf will indeed be Indy's son. Spielberg said of the casting news, "Shia has extraordinary range. I think of him as 'the young man for all seasons." As for the early rumors and the fervent denials, LaBeouf maintains "when I was saying, 'I don't know anything,' I didn't know anything." Perfect PR timing for Spielberg and LaBeouf who have the movie DISTURBIA in theaters today. LaBeouf will also star in this summer's TRANSFORMERS and is hosting this weekend's "Saturday Night Live." Finally, remember to keep your eye on IndianaJones.com, which will be posting periodic updates.

Extra Tidbit: To make LaBeouf's name even more complicated, his middle name is Saide.
Source: USA Today



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