Shia is Indy's son

The rumors were true: Shia LeBeouf will star as the son of Indiana Jones in the long-awaited INDIANA JONES 4. LeBeouf, who apparently wowed director Steven Spielberg with his work on TRANSFORMERS, is in "final talks" to star in the film. Neither Paramount nor Lucasfilm would confirm negotiations with LeBeouf so any more information beyond this is only speculation. Rumors have held though that Indy finds he has a son through Marion Jones (of RAIDERS fame) and if Shia is playing close to his actual age, INDY 4 would take place in the early 1950s. A lot of credit for this scoop needs to go to Latino Review who broke the story many weeks ago but was forced by Paramount to remove the scoop mere minutes after posting it up. Other sites picked up on the news, didn't credit Latino and word spread throughout the interweb never giving a source of Latino Review. Solid job of reporting by those guys. Filming on INDIANA JONES 4 will begin this June for a May 22, 2008 release.

Extra Tidbit: LeBeouf started his career on the Disney Channel series "Even Stevens."
Source: Variety



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