Shoot 'Em Up trailer

There's a lot of talk about this year's upcoming action flicks, but for some reason, not so much aboutSHOOT 'EM UP. And I'm not entirely sure why, this movie has everything, I don't know why anyone would not see it. Let's just do a quick run down of what it's packing:

Cool plot? Check. The movie is about a a guy called Mr. Smith who delivers a woman's baby during a shootout, and then is forced to protect said baby from an army of gunmen.

Hookers? Check. Smith is assisted in some form or another by a smoking hot prostitute he knows from back in the day.

Hot actress? Check. Only Monica Bellucci (see picture)

Cool lead actor? Check. Clive Owen

Oscar winner? Almost. Paul Giamatti is as close to an Oscar-winner as anyone.

What else do you need? The only thing this movie doesn't have is cyborgs or lesbianism. And I'm not entirely sure that it doesn't have the latter. Anyway, check out the trailer HERE.
Extra Tidbit: A bunch of studios passed on the concept for SHOOT 'EM UP. The project only sold when writer/director Mike Davis (MONSTER MAN) put together a short reel of animation to show studios how the action scenes would look.
Source: IGN



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