Shoot 'Em Up trilogy?

Apparently, when the IESB dropped in on Michael Davis (SHOOT 'EM UP) for a chat, he told them that Clive Owen had signed on to do two more films! Now, while I know that this news is so awesome that you've either just blown your load, or are giving it serious consideration, I would say - if you can - just hold on for a second. IESB also reports that while there are no concrete plans for sequels as yet, Davis does have 'a script that could easily be adapted to be a follow up'.

I'll be honest, this scares me.

Admittedly, I'm not aware of that many sequels which were made with scripts not originally written in that direction, but thing is, I am aware of OCEAN'S TWELVE. And I hate that movie. I just hope that after SHOOT 'EM UP opens (and is as awesome as we all expect it to be) when the studio greenlights another 50 sequels, they're good. Unlike a lot of people, I'm all for sequels, so this is ostensibly good news to me. I just hope that the SHOOT 'EM UP isn't made for the sake of it, with a script that was meant for something else. Could it be the new DIE HARD?
Extra Tidbit: Clive Owen is fortunate that he is so intrinsically bad ass that we can buy him as a hard-boiled killer, even though we know he is the face of Lancome.
Source: IESB



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