Shooter trailer

This morning I present to you the trailer for the upcoming movie SHOOTER. Before you get too excited, I should perhaps warn you this is not a HAPPY GILMORE spinoff about Shooter McGavin. While that would make a good movie (and a welcome outlet for the comedic stylings of the underutilized Christopher McDonald) what we have here instead is a thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and his scraggly beard. Also included here are Danny Glover and Ned Beatty playing bad guys and the hot Kate Mara playing Scraggly Wahlberg's way too hot wife. It's not a novel premise - super-talented military guy can't handle the pressure so he retires to the wilderness only to be drawn out of retirement for "one last job" only to be framed and then forced to prove his innocence - but it's directed by Antione Fuqua (TRAINING DAY) so it should have some nice visual flourishes (i.e. Kate Mara in bed). And if nothing else, it does include the line "I'm not hard enough." Oh really? Danny Glover doesn't make you hard enough? In any event, head here to check out the trailer over at Yahoo! Movies.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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