Shout at these stills from Devil then confess your sins

Don't be afraid. Just because M. Night Shyamalan is the producer/creator of DEVIL doesn't necessarily mean it will be bad.

When I first saw his name attached to the trailer, I thought, "Maybe the guy will get some sort of cred back..." The film looks interesting. I'm already sort of terrified of being trapped in an elevator, so perhaps this will heighten that fear. I think this is really might be worth the watch.

To go along with the stills, there's also a couple of sites to check out for the movie. The first is called "The Devil's Meeting" and features posts on devil folklore, the supernatural, and pop culture. There's also a spot where you can post your most sinful secrets. The other site, "What Are You Most Afraid Of?" let's you choose which scenario scares you the most.

To check out more pics from the film, head here.

Extra Tidbit: At first I thought that Logan Marshall-Green was Tom Hardy. Nope, it's just Ryan's older brother Trey from THE O.C.



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