Show Us Your Shit #27

This latest column on the DVD CLINIC asks YOU to be participate and yes, ladies and germs....SHOW US YOUR SHIT!! If you've got a cool collection of DVDs, movie posters, toys, comic books, figurines, an awesome home theater set-up that you just have to share with the rest of the world of movie nerds who reside on this very site, this column is for you! Just read the requirements below and drop us a line at [email protected] with pics, videos and commentary about your nifty stuff and your collection might be the next one up here.


1) Please include any basic personal info on yourself, so others could know who the f*ck you are. Age, sex, geographical location, what you do in life, etc....

2) Take some pictures or videos of any cool shit you have in your pad, and send it along with your message to us. Make sure that every picture/video is explained and you don't just send us a bunch of pics and say "Here's my shit!", cause that's not what we're looking for. We need some words attached to the pics, what they are, where you might've got it, shit like that.

3) Try and zone in on a couple of your FAVORITE AND UNIQUE ITEMS and point those out as well. If possible, let our readers know WHERE you might've bought them, etc...

Name: Ivan (X-Kid)

Where: Riverside, CA

Hello, my name is Ivan (or as I go by on Joblo and the rest of the web: X-KiD) and I live in Riverside California, and let me apologize for the crappy pics, I'm no photographer, but their visible; I'm a huge movie freak, especially in the summer time, I like comic book movies, horror, action, si-fi, adventure, comedy and every other genre you can think of, so, shall we look at my shit? very well then...


Here are my X3 action figures which come in different build-a-figure sets but I only buy the X3 figures and I'm still waiting for the rest of the characters. Here you also have my Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer figure set which was hard to complete because I couldn't find the Silver Surfer figure anywhere until I ordered it online.

This is some of my DVD collection, there's more DVD's hiding behind the ones you see.

Here's my Lord of the Rings trilogy Box set's, one of the best trilogy's in cinematic history, if not the best.

My Simpson's season's 6-10 collector's edition box set's or in this case, head set's.

Ah! this is my favorite, action figure set, my Iron-Man Mark I, II & III figures along with Iron Monger, and in the middle you can see the Iron-Man slurpee head-cup with the Iron-Man collectable straws which I got at 7Eleven.

Here's my Spider-Man 3 and Iron-Man 7Eleven slurpee cups.

Here you see my sexy ass Jessica Alba as "Nancy" Sin City banner along with my X2 and Spidey 2 (both my favorite films out of their respective trilogy's)movie posters.

It's Spider-Man! here's my Spidey trilogy action figure set and my Burger King Venom figurine. These are the latest movie action figures I've purchased, Hulk and Abomination.

This is my stack of Wizard magazines behind my Jack Sparrow bobble-head figure which I got for free by collecting Disney movie points.

and last but not least my talking/dancing Napoleon Dynamite figure which I got for Christmas like two years ago and it still works.

So there you have it, you've pretty much seen most of my shit which as you may have noticed isn't organized around my room, that's because I barley moved rooms and haven't had time to fix stuff and organize things, but maybe next time, Thanks. -X-KiD

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