Show Us Your Shit #28

This latest column on the DVD CLINIC asks YOU to be participate and yes, ladies and germs....SHOW US YOUR SHIT!! If you've got a cool collection of DVDs, movie posters, toys, comic books, figurines, an awesome home theater set-up that you just have to share with the rest of the world of movie nerds who reside on this very site, this column is for you! Just read the requirements below and drop us a line at [email protected] with pics, videos and commentary about your nifty stuff and your collection might be the next one up here.


1) Please include any basic personal info on yourself, so others could know who the f*ck you are. Age, sex, geographical location, what you do in life, etc....

2) Take some pictures or videos of any cool shit you have in your pad, and send it along with your message to us. Make sure that every picture/video is explained and you don't just send us a bunch of pics and say "Here's my shit!", cause that's not what we're looking for. We need some words attached to the pics, what they are, where you might've got it, shit like that.

3) Try and zone in on a couple of your FAVORITE AND UNIQUE ITEMS and point those out as well. If possible, let our readers know WHERE you might've bought them, etc...

Name: Patrick

My name is Patrick and I am an absolute movie fanatic. My fondest memories as a kid was my dad taking us to the drive in every Friday night for the double feature if we were that good that week. So pretty much since the age of 5 I have seen one or two movies in the theatre for over 25 years. I worked as an assistant store manager for a Blockbuster for nearly 3 years tell it went out of my business and was a theatre manager for a local theatre as well.

{Editor's Note: Some images were combined in order to include all the pictures.}


Now the most important thing for any Movie fan is their Film Library, I believe all great collections aren't just collections but a library of films and one can never have enough. My dvd collection to date is 1246 dvds including over 120 TV series.

Next up one must have a pretty good tv and or system to play their dvds on, I may not have best TV nor set up as some others but I am still pretty proud and happy with my 1080p "50 Plasma tv. My dream is one day to have my own house and to be able to build my own theatre in a basement but for the time being my 50" tv works. You may notice on the bottom I am big game systemer even though I rarely play games. The essential to any person is the dvr on the top shelf, which has my upscaling dvd player on top it and the on the bottom shelf is my Wii, XBOX and Super Nintendo.

Also I have a smaller "29 in the bedroom. Up stairs I have a few more systems an Nintendo, a N64 and a dvd/vhs player.

Now having worked at blockbuster for years and years as well as a theatre manager for another year which means that I own over 150 official movies posters but I am very picky and they must be framed or I don't put them up, the majority are in tubes underneath the stairs but here are a few that I have framed.

these are a couple of cool endcaps that we had at blockbuster, they are smaller than your normal poster and made out of a nice plastic.

Also this a cool poster that USA Today released right before the 75 Oscars, that I had lamented. Plus a large star wars banner from the special editions in 1997

Now one of my favorite things are the dvd collector cases made by Paul Champagne, they are quite expensive considering they contain no dvds as they can run $30-40 but they are awesome.

and of course a few games to go with all the game systems

I am also a huge steelbook fan

Not to mention a fanatical star wars fan and collector. Heres is a pic of all the figures I have. My favorite movie is still the empire Strikes Back and one of my fondest memories is being six years old and my dad taking me to see Return of the Jedi it is one of the first movies I ever remember seeing in the theatres. And who doesn't want to own star wars pez dispensers and large cups obtained from Taco Bell during Episode 1 merchandising craze. Or lots of Yoda figures. I always wanted an army of stormtroopers when I was a kid and not that I am older and can buy them myself I got my army.

plus the large 12 inch figures and 3 packs

plus my desk has more troopers and figures


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