Show Us Your Shit #37

If you've got a cool collection of DVDs, movie posters, toys, comic books, figurines, an awesome home theater set-up that you just have to share with the rest of the world of movie nerds who reside on this very site, then drop us a line at [email protected] with pics, videos and commentary about your nifty stuff and your collection might be the next one up here.


Please include any basic personal info on yourself, so others know who you are. Age, sex, geographical location, what you do in life, etc....

Take some pictures or videos of any cool shit you have in your pad, and send it along with your message to us. Make sure that every picture/video is explained and you don't just send us a bunch of pics and say "Here's my shit!", cause that's not what we're looking for. We need some words attached to the pics, what they are, where you might've got it, shit like that.

Try and zone in on a couple of your FAVORITE AND UNIQUE ITEMS and point those out as well. If possible, let our readers know WHERE you might've bought them, etc...

Name: Brendon

Where: Paramus, NJ

Age: 24

Job: House Painter


Hey dudes and chicks...My name is Brendon, you can call Bman. I'm 24, living in north jersey around the Paramus area (in case you wanted to rob me.)...I'm a house painter at the moment but that's likely to change as I don’t really have any set career in mind, as long as I keep grubbin’ enough cash to get more toys...oh yeah and I rock. hard. ...onto the good stuff... so here I present my personal nerd sanctuary...the place I can go to avoid the sun, gain unhealthy amounts of weight, and avoid the general female population.

... ok, in the first photo is my general home theater set up...nothing to fancy but i love it like a child, 50" Philips 1080p HD plasma. My DVD collection is the soul of the entire set up, with what started many years ago with Goldeneye has grown into a reasonably large collection of about 700 DVD’s. My Blu-ray collection is relatively small with only about 25 so far, but I’m glad to say they’re all quality movies. I'm something of a perfectionist so displaying my collection is just as important as the size of the collection itself...my DVDs are organized A-Z, box sets, and tv on dvd. on a side note the tv unit that the TV is sitting on is from IKEA, but the shelves I custom built myself to match it...also i painted the back wall a deep blue so when the lights are down all you can see is the tv.

As far as toys, as you can see in the next two photos, I’ve got two jack Bauer figures, terminator & t1000, Mr. Stay Puff, and about 13 mighty muggs.

In the next photos are the guts of my home theater, an Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver, HD DVR cable box, Philips DVD player, PS3, and Wii.

...and who owns a PS3 without Rockband of course...as seen in the next photo I’ve mounted the guitars to save some space...

the next pic is my scale replica Ghostbusters Proton Pack that i built for Halloween this past year, which i have yet to mount on the wall. This is a TREASURED object (i.e. when you rob me, please leave that)

the next few pictures are of all the posters i have hanging at the moment (I have at least 10 that aren’t up yet), these include Indiana Jones and the last crusade, with my replica Indy hat and whip hanging nearby, My Kevin Smith autographed Mallrats poster (i think you can see my Locke action figure in there too lol), my Dark Knight double sided theater poster which I got for being first in line at my Imax theater for the midnight show (worth $50 or $60), my Back to the Future 2 poster, and lastly my Dark knight mini poster which were handed out to the entire line at that same opening night showing, which i framed with our tickets...

...I've got a mini bar on standby in the back of the room ready for all the drinking movie games you can handle.

...and lastly note that I’ve separated both couches into two smaller sections, so that i could have personal captains seat right in the center lined up with the TV for perfect viewing all the time.

Over all when i stand back and look at the whole setup I'm extremly proud of what I've gathered over the years. Hope you find my setup remotely as cool as I do, so i can once and for all tell my girlfriend it was allllllllllllllllll worth it baby. JoBlo FOR PRESIDENT!

Source: DVD Clinic



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