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Name: Jerry

Where: Bucks County, PA

Occupation: Designer

Hey, Jerry here - I live in Bucks County, PA, I work in the design field, and besides the loads of fun I deal with at work, and the even more fun at home with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a zany wife, there's always a quiet sanctuary waiting for me, just several feet below the earth... it's the batcave. OR, in other words, my basement.

I am a batman/movies/collector fan, and wanted a place to display some stuff, since the upper floors were out of the question. I wanted to go with a BATMAN, or at least "Gotham-esque" feel to the basement. But, my main goal was to make a place for my Home Theater I planned on making. I also wanted to make it functional, and not gaudy or overdone. I wanted to keep the room on the dark side, as I was putting a projector down there as well. I decided to go with a slate gray/blue and decided to ACCENT it with a theme that wasn't purely BATMAN, but would sort of coincide with that feel.

I liked the look of the exposed bolts and beams in the 89 film, and decide to use that as an accent to the room, but not overdone. I knew that the movie posters, the BATMAN himself, and the theater would clash with a MAJOR theme, so I kept it subtle. So, here....we....go.


The view when you come downstairs. There is a steel-rivet theme throughout, and my Wonderman painting I did, based on a John Byrne Avengers Comic from back in the day, Signed Larry Mahlstadt/Mark Bagley Venom Limited Edition print.

Door to the Nuclear Reactor. Or the fuse box - not sure which - too afraid to open it.

Top of the entertainment center, which holds all movies and components. We see a Rocketeer Life Size Helmet, A Horizon Venom model, THe Enterprise, a customized Riddler Model I did, 30" tall Ultraman Vinyl, and an original Horizon 1989 Batman.

Times Scare!!!! Close up of Rocketeer Helmet.

Another Framed Daily Bugle. Batman Returns Batarang Prop.

Other side of Basement. Batman posters, framed. Life Size 1989 Michael Keaton batman Suit Replica. I belong to and participate on a costuming board, and with some help from some amazing friends on the board, who are master sculptors, I was able to complete a full size replica. Making myself this suit has been my "holy grail" since 1989, and I finished it finally, and it's the focus of my basement. One of my favorite things I own.

Another shot of the suit.

A closer view of the suit. Mostly foam rubber, over a bodysuited mannequin. The gloves are 100% custom made to match the 1989 movie version. Solid Resin belt. Rubber legs "musculature" are sew onto the bodysuit.The platform for Batman is functional. It covers the access to the sumpump, and serves a double use. Found a Michael Keaton lifemask on Ebay. Painted it up, and voila!

My work area, my MAC, one of 2, and my assorted items. Some lunchboxes up top, a few LIS robots, next shelf are 2 custom 12" Figures, 1989 and 1992 versions of Batman, again 100% custom items made by someone on the same board. A Solid Resin 1989 Batman bust I painted, along with a few Batman matchboxes. Below that are some misc T2 figures, Kingdom Come Figure, MadMAx Interceptor, Forever mobile. On the left is my DC comics Batman ANimated Storyboard framed picture, signed by Mark Hamill.

Closer view of the second shelf.

While not authentic, Boba is a costume I made for my son a few Halloweens back, and the suit looked good enough to display. LOTR Sword behind him.

Some Wall of fame pictures - TOP ROW: Hank Baskett, Eagless, Reggie Bush & my son, Me and Van Damme, and Peyton Manning, SECOND ROW: Joe Montana and my son, Montana, Adam West autograph! ND Kalu, EaglesBOTTOM ROW: The Beastmaser! Marc Singer, Me and Dan Marino, My son and Plaxico "I shot myself" Burress.

Projector - we can watch any batman we like! Some bad....

and some good!

OK - that's it for me - hope you liked it!! Thanks for the good stuff you guys at JOBLO do!! You rock!


Source: DVD Clinic



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