ShoWest: Pics!!

It's ShoWest time and I'm hitting up the scene here in Las Vegas. There's not a HUGE convention floor like at Comic-Con and what floor there is is mostly taken up by popcorn and candy vendors. But there is a neat little area where studios have set up some promotional material including posters, standees and giant Bat motorcycles. OK, there's only one Bat motorcycle but it's pretty damn cool. Sadly, you are not allowed to ride the Batpod. Give me a few drinks and a $20 and I might be able to fix that but for now: NO riding the Batpod. Here's what I snapped on Day 1 and more to come in the days ahead!

Sir, get off the Batpod!

Sir, get out of the Mach 5!!

This Wall-E will talk to you. And he said, "Stop looking at me swan!"

Sorry but Amy Poehler just cracks me up.

If I had a dollar for every time someone pretended to talk into that phone, I could retire from this JoBlo business.

Wasn't there an urban legend about a tiny Eddie Murphy living in your ear?

Source: JoBlo.com



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