Shue fits Piranha?

Filmmaker Alexandre Aja (THE HILLS HAVE EYES) has been swimming around an update of PIRANHA (in 3D) for a couple of years now, but has he finally sunk his teeth into a heroine to deal with the hungry fish?

Moviehole has confirmed a recent rumor that Elisabeth Shue may be slipping into a form-fitting wetsuit (we hope) for some watery carnage in Dimension's update of the cheerfully campy 1978 flick. Shue would apparently play the local sheriff at the lake where random vacationers are gnawed upon by a school of enthusiastic and famished mutant fish.

This wouldn't be Shue's first dip in the genre pond -- she dealt with a creepy kid in HIDE & SEEK and wrestled with invisible Bacon in HOLLOW MAN (and, of course, skipped through time with Marty McFly).

The original PIRANHA, produced by cheapie king Roger Corman and directed by GREMLINS guy Joe Dante, attempted to capitalize on post-JAWS water terror. James Cameron would later bring back the lethal eaters for PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING.

Extra Tidbit: Shue briefly appeared as herself in HAMLET 2.
Source: Moviehole



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