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SHUTTER ISLAND The Cannes Film Festival kicks off officially tomorrow (and runs until the 24th) and even though the Cannes board decided to go ahead with the festival knowing full well the JoBlo.com crew wasn't going to be there, we decided to still bring you some scoopage from the festival. As always, the main conduit of activity at Cannes, the Croisette, is absolutely littered with gigantic advertisements for films screening at the festival, upcoming films and some films that have only recently just been announced. One of the cooler banners that was recently snapped by the folks at "ION Cinema" was one showing a red-hued Leonardo DiCaprio in SHUTTER ISLAND in which he plays a 1954 detective sent to the titular island to investigate the escape of a homicidal woman from a hospital for the criminally insane. The Martin Scorsese directed thriller opens October 2nd. Click on that red mug to see the rest of the banner.

Extra Tidbit: The film was previously titled ASHECLIFFE.
Source: ION Cinema



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