Shyamalan brings in Buried writer for the next Night Chronicles

M. Night Shyamalan is on the precipice of a potential comeback, with THE LAST AIRBENDER set to bend the elements on the big Independence Day weekend. And besides trying to gather people like Bruce Willis for a new movie, he's preparing to have his name on more projects.

Well, part of his name -- the "Night Chronicles", a series of Shyamalan-produced low-budget genre films based on his own ideas, is already getting the second Chronicle going.

Shyamalan has put writer Chris Sparling to work on TWELVE STRANGERS, a "thriller that involves a jury deliberating a case involving the supernatural." Sparling penned the festival fave BURIED, which stars Ryan Reynolds as a guy stuck in a coffin somewhere in the Iraqi desert.

The first Night Chronicles entry, DEVIL, is apparently about a group of people trapped in an elevator with the dark lord himself. That one comes from the Brothers Dowdle (QUARANTINE) and is due in February.

Extra Tidbit: Sparling also wrote a thriller called ATM, which is apparently about a money-dispensing device and not what I wish it was about.



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