Shyamalan thinks The Last Airbender isn't the last Last Airbender, plans sequels

Although THE LAST AIRBENDER has been almost universally reviled, M. Night Shyamalan seems undeterred on his mission to make the property into a live-action trilogy. And the eventual total box office could conceivably give him that opportunity.

ShyamWow tells MTV what he has in mind: "The third is more ambiguous, but the second one, I've written a draft that I'm really happy with and is darker and richer, and it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who's kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series, so I'm excited about that."

He also intends to incorporate the female Kyoshi Warriors, who didn't make the cut in the first movie, even though he shot a scene and they "were amazing, and we spent an unbelievable amount of time choreographing them. And they just distracted from the movie, because the movie wasn't about them."

Shyamalan's pricey adaptation of the Miyazaki-influenced animated TV series is set in a fantasy world and follows a reluctant young hero who can manipulate the elements using martial arts and CGI. The first movie has collected $80 million so far.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder which "Daily Show" correspondent will play the villain in the sequel?
Source: MTV



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