Sick 300 DVD

Warner Home Video have announced a 3-disc limited edition set for the movie 300. It will include all the shiznit involved in the previous 2-disc release, but will add a third disc with:

a new documentary ("To The Hot Gates: A Legend Retold") which provides a comprehensive and dynamic description of the process filmmakers followed to take an ancient legend through a graphic novel and finally realizing it as a feature film. In addition there is a bonus Digital Copy of the film, a 52-page hardcover art book with a personal message from director Zack Snyder, and a lucite display with motion film image and six collectible photo cards.

Will people buy this? I don't know. I'm a double/triple/quadruple dip moron, so I'm definitely in. I buy every-freaking-thing, but that's just me. Although it makes me proud to count five copies of BEFORE SUNSET (mostly gifts) on my DVD case, but none of those piece of shit spoof movies. The special features on those things could be footage of fights between Scarlett Johansson and a penis and I'd still only pick them up if they were in the bargain bin.
Extra Tidbit: I can still remember the first time I saw that 300 teaser. Do you?
Source: DVD-Active



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