Sicko poster art

Michael Moore may easily be the most unattractive guy ever whose face has been used to sell a movie. Okay, Freddy Krueger might have him barely beat in this category, but that doesn’t count because he was disfigured. To prove my point, the people over at Cinematical have obtained preliminary poster art for Moore’s new health care critique SICKO, and we’ve got it for you BELOW. There’s no graphics on it yet, but we’re told the tagline will be “This might hurt a little.” Not bad. I’m betting the marketing lackey who thought of that must have been pretty proud of himself. Rightfully so lackey, rightfully so. Anyway, back to Moore’s face. It dominates the poster, and it’s safe to say that the Weinstein Co. is using Moore’s notoriety to sell this film. The man has become bigger than his movies. Anyway, take a look at the poster below which may prove that Hollywood isn’t as superficial as we once thought. SICKO premieres at Cannes later this month and is released in theaters on June 29.

Extra Tidbit: Moore may not be the greatest looking fellow around, but he made more money last week than I will in my life, truly.
Source: Cinematical



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