Sienna replace Biel

I've still yet to see a movie that starred Sienna Miller despite her considerable level of fame. That will probably change this summer with STARDUST but gee, this girl gets a lot of roles and I'm not even sure why. Her latest project is IMPORTANCE, a loose adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "A Woman of Importance." Miller replaces Jessica Biel who had previously been set to star alongside Sean Bean and Annette Bening. Oddly enough, Biel had been brought in to replace Lindsay Lohan who dropped out in February. Bruce Beresford (DRIVING MISS DAISY) is directing the film based on a script by Howard Himelstein. Miller recently signed on to star in HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE and has the aforementioned STARDUST and THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH set for release later this year. Filming on IMPORTANCE is scheduled to begin this September (and perhaps by then I'll have a better understanding of who exactly Sienna Miller is).

Extra Tidbit: Miller seems to be getting a lot of work off of Lohan's troubles - she also replaced her in THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES.
Source: Variety



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