Sigourney Weaver in the Avatar sequel?

I have no clue what Sigourney Weaver will come back as, but according to her and James Cameron, she's in the AVATAR sequel.

This news came from Weaver's appearance on French television show, LE GRAND JOURNAL. The actress is in Paris this week to honor Harrison Ford during the Cesar Awards (French version of the Oscars). During the interview the inevitable question was asked if she'd be joining AVATAR 2, to which she states that she's spoken to Cameron and he's planning something for her.

I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone has seen AVATAR. But if you haven't, let me just take this opportunity to say: SPOILER ALERT! (If I don't say it, someone is bound to get pissed)

At the end of the film, Dr. Grace Augustine is dying from a gunshot wound. When they tried to transfer her soul to her Na'vi body at the Tree of Souls, it's unsuccessful. It is then said that her soul still exists within the tree. Well, what will she come back as? Will they figure out a way to suck out her soul? Maybe they'll just use her voice. I'm sure Cameron will come up with something clever.

Check out the clip from the show below.

Extra Tidbit: Dana Barrett, her character in the GHOSTBUSTER films, is the only character among the leads who did not appear in the animated series, THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS.
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