Silent Bob in Daredevil

Well Silent Bob won't exactly be starring in DAREDEVIL, but his real world counterpart, Kevin Smith, will. The director revealed on his official site that he'll be filming a cameo in April for the film. Here's an excerpt from his post where he explains more:

Mark Steven Johnson was goodly enough to offer a brother a cameo in the "Daredevil" movie. Don't want to give away any spoilers about it, but suffice it to say I don't play either DD, Bullseye, Elektra, or the King Pin (though, size-wise, I thought I was a shoe-in for that role). Wish me luck in not fucking up the scene or getting cut in the editing room, and many thanks to Mark for his kind words regarding me and Daredevil, and his even kinder offer to potentially ruin his picture with my ham-handed theatrics.

Pretty cool, eh? Boy imagine that...To be able to visit the set of DAREDEVIL...A guy like me couldn't be so lucky, could he? COULD he?...

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