Silent Hill 2 script

Since the first SILENT HILL came out Roger Avary has been saying he had no interest in returning to write a sequel unless director Christophe Gans were returning. Trouble is Christophe Gans has no interest in returning. But somewhere along the way Avary must've changed his tune as today we get word that he has officially signed on to write SILENT HILL 2. So how'd they get him to return? While it wasn't mentioned in the article, the rumor is that Avary is attached to direct the film in addition to writing the script.

Before I saw the first film, I thought it had a lot of promise but then I actually saw the film and realized that promise was broken. Avary's a pretty talented dude but I'm not sure what he (or anyone for that matter) could bring to the SILENT HILL universe (for lack of a better word) though there have been something like seven games, books, comics and more all based on the series so I suppose there's plenty of material to draw from. The current plan for SILENT HILL 2 is to begin shooting after RESIDENT EVIL 4 wraps.

Extra Tidbit: The working title for SILENT HILL was CENTRALIA, the name of the real Pennsylvania town where it was filmed.
Source: THR



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