Simon Pegg and Nick Frost bring us the new trailer for Paul

As far as trailers go, I wasn't blown about by the first teaser trailer for the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost adventure comedy PAUL. A new trailer for the film is out today though and it's a vast improvement over the original.

The trailer below comes from the UK and isn't in HD (the US trailer will be online today but I'm not sure how different it will be).

What do you think? I still don't think this trailer does a great job of selling the film but I'll admit that this seems like a difficult sell. I mean there are so many actors that we barely glimpse in this trailer (Sigourney Weaver, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch, et. al....) I wanted to bust out laughing while watching this trailer and I didn't do quite that, but I definitely had a few laughs and the things I've heard about the film itself have been promising. Check it out below and we'll update later today with the US version to see how that works.

Source: Yahoo! UK



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