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Simple and awesome new posters for Django Unchained and Looper have arrived


Today's international artwork for DJANGO UNCHAINED isn't all that different from past artwork, but does compile all of the important elements of marketing a Tarantino film - his unique art aesthetic, his absurd casts, and his striking imagery/composition sense - into one snazzy piece of imagery. 

DJANGO UNCHAINED rides into town and f***s your shit way the f*** up on December 25th (though as the poster says, international audiences will have to wait until 2013).

Django Unchained international poster

From the other side of the pond comes todays bit of promotional material for LOOPER, advertising Bruce Willis for the action fans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the hip younger crowd, and cool guns for both. 

LOOPER comes to disrupt any and all of your expectations on September 28th.

Looper international poster article version

Extra Tidbit: Make a choice right now as though you could only see one of these - DJANGO UNCHAINED or LOOPER? I would pick LOOPER.



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