Simpson meets Gutt?

Never did I think I'd be lucky enough to see the cinematic pairing of Jessica Simpson and Steve Guttenberg but the gods are certainly smiling down on me today. The Gutt has signed on to co-star in Simpson's MAJOR MOVIE STAR along with Vivica A. Fox, Ryan Sypek and Cheri Oteri. As you may have heard, Simpson stars in the film as a ditzy actress (stay with me now) who enrolls in the Army for research on an upcoming role. Gutts will play her agent who is very much opposed to her course of action. Fox will do her best R. Lee Ermey impression as the tough drill sergeant with Sypek playing the love interest and Oteri another recruit. Steve Miner, who's used to directing more traditionally scary fare with HALLOWEEN: H20, WARLOCK and FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART 3, will direct. Filming on MOVIE STAR began last week in Louisiana. No word on whether Capt. Harris and Proctor will follow that scheming Officer Mahoney down to Shreveport.



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