Simpsonized heroes!

This is pretty much apropos of nothing but it's so cool I just had to share. What if characters from the Marvel and DC Comics universe popped up in the "Simpsons" universe? Well first, Comic Book Guy would have a nerdgasm right in his pants. One talented artist though has posted his own versions of superheroes (including Heath Ledger's Joker) who've been Simpsonized. There's Wonder Woman (right), Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, plus characters from STAR TREK, THE MATRIX and much, much more. It makes me wonder if Simpsonizing could be a viable form of animation in the future. Like why not have an animated Wonder Woman movie that was all using "Simpsons" style animation? Or at least a comic book with that style would be worthwhile. The art is by a guy named Dean Fraser who also does some pretty impressive non-Simpson art (which you can check out at his website). Check out some TDK-inspired "Simpsons" stuff below and click on any of the images to head to his Springfield Punx site!



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