Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart!

To promote the upcoming SIMPSONS movie next week, the convenience store chain 7 ELEVEN has turned eleven of their stores in The States (including one in Vancouver, BC) into full on KWIK-E-MARTS. The lucky 7 ELEVEN stores were outfitted with a "KWIK-E-MART" facade and included SQUISHEE and BUZZ COLA machines, the classic pink sprinkled doughnuts and of course, KRUSTY O'S. Unfortunately for me, there was no DUFF beer and all of the canned BUZZ COLA and boxes of KRUSTY O'S were sold out in its first week. D'oh, indeed. I took some pics and a little video tour of the joint to give you an idea of what it looks like. For me, it still looked very much like your average, run of the mill 7 ELEVEN but all in all, it was a cool little pilgrimage to take. Below you'll also find a list of the other KWIK-E-MART locations. Enjoy.

The Vid

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The Pics

Extra Tidbit: Thanks to my friend 'Kirsten' for some additional picage and buying all of the BUZZ COLA cans before I could get there. Grrr. Stay gold, Pony Boy.
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