Singer drinks Milk

It's been a while since we had any good competing projects racing towards a greenlight. For a while it was the Jim Carrey/Leonardo DiCaprio Howard Hughes movie (which obviously Leo won) and the Baz Luhrmann/Oliver Stone Alexander the Great movie (which sadly Oliver Stone won). Now we've got competing movies on Harvey Milk. Harvey Who? Harvey Milk - the first gay man to be elected to public office. He was later assassinated in San Francisco. Singer is moving ahead on his THE MAYOR OF CASTRO STREET, setting up the film at Warner Independent with a script from Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS). On the opposite side, Gus Van Sant is also getting a Milk project ready, attaching himself to direct an untitled script by Dustin Lance Black (HBO's "Big Love"). Interestingly enough, Van Sant was at one time attached to direct CASTRO STREET before leaving the project and being replaced by Singer. Both Singer and Van Sant are openly gay and have been following the projects for years. Warner Independent is hoping to set up CASTRO so that Singer could direct as soon as he wraps his untitled Tom Cruise thriller. Another delay for SUPERMAN RETURNS 2?...

Extra Tidbit: Milk was assassinated by one of his political opponents in 1978.
Source: Variety



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