Singer off Supes?

Warner Bros. seems to be stuck in an awkward situation regarding a follow-up to SUPERMAN RETURNS. Clearly they would be interested in making another SUPERMAN movie but I don't think they're convinced they want Bryan Singer to return. Otherwise, why all the he is/he isn't drama? Now more evidence to fuel the fire: comic writer Mark Millar ("Wanted") is saying he was approached by a "very well known American action director" who wants to team up for a new SUPERMAN pitch. Says Millar, "He has huge pull at WB so fingers crossed." Now Millar could be yanking our collective chains and that "well known" director could be Bryan Singer. Or, more than likely, the word has gotten out that Warner Bros. is interested in new ideas for a SUPERMAN film and a guy like Michael Bay (a name I'm completely making up for the sake of argument) called Millar after WANTED and asked him to join their pitch. Keep in mind through all this that Millar got himself into some hot water after generating a story that Eminem was "begging" to star in WANTED. Both Eminem's agent and Universal issues strong denials about the story and it was revealed to be a publicity stunt to get Millar some free press. Could this be another of Millar's stunts to get the SUPERMAN revamp he's been yapping about for years off the ground?

Extra Tidbit: Matthew Vaughn (LAYER CAKE) is currently developing Millar's KICK-ASS for film.
Source: Millar World



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