Singer on Magneto?

Bryan Singer In a recent interview with Total Film Magazine, Bryan Singer waxes nostalgic about his decision to direct SUPERMAN RETURNS rather than the third installment in the X-MEN franchise. He mentions "I'm eternally intertwined with X-Men now. What takes an audience four hours to watch - the first two movies - took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it...It's a shame." And with that nostalgia comes a slight inkling towards directing the upcoming X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO prequel. The only thing keeping him back is the inevitable continued immersion in World War II era Jewish genocide, which he's touched on in several films now. Says Singer: "The only thing that concerns me about Magneto is that if the prequel were to follow the track I used in X-Men, which is Magneto's history in the concentration camp, then I've lived in that world...Apt Pupil, X-Men and now Valkyrie...I've lived in that Nazi universe for quite a while. I just might need to take a little break before I do something like that." Which is understandable, of course, considering he's Jewish, but many a fanboy would certainly like to see him get back into that world.

Extra Tidbit: What is THIS mysterious project?



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