Singer's Galactica?

UPDATE: Variety is now verifying Singer's involvement, producing and directing the project.

A few months ago, we heard that Universal wanted to bring BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to the big screen. The curious part was that they wanted a direct update of the nostalgia-cheese 1978 series and would ignore the popular (and well-made) Sci-Fi Channel show that recently concluded.

Now comes an even more peculiar rumor drifting through the cosmos: Hitfix claims that filmmaker Bryan Singer might be the guy leading the ragtag fugitive fleet away from Cylon tyranny on a quest for Earth.

Some of you might recall that way back around the turn of the millennium, Singer and X-MEN cohort Tom DeSanto were already working on a new interpretation of GALACTICA, which ironically would have aired on the Sci-Fi Channel (where Singer is crafting a new Mayan doomsday miniseries). Their update never got to the pilot (TV, not Starbuck) stage. (Singer also toyed with a LOGAN'S RUN remake that didn't happen.)

So Singer is clearly already a fan of the original show -- would his version stick closer to that material, bringing back the Imperious Leader and Ovions and Lucifer? Or would it be yet another completely different variation using only the basic framework? I'll bet you five cubits and one daggit pelt we find out soon.

Extra Tidbit: That Cylon concept was done by Singer's X2 production designer Guy Dyas.
Source: hitfix



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