Singer's Giant Killer

"Eat your veggies!" yes, mother...

Wasn't he doing a Galactica movie? And an EXCALIBUR remake? Not that either are needed. Personally I'd love to see Fox get on their knees and beg him to come back with a new X-Movie. BEG, YOU BASTARDS!

Director Bryan Singer has signed to direct New Line's JACK THE GIANT KILLER, which is pitched as an "adult" version of the classic Beanstalk tale. No time table has been announced but studio and producers are putting the project on fast-track, which means Singer is likely to direct this one before the other two.

The fantasy/adventure film from LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD scribe Mark Bomback (is that a good thing???) sees a young farmer lead an expedition into Giant Land to rescue a kidnapped princess and avert a war bewtween giants and men. Could go either way, but put me down as "interested" for now.

Extra Tidbit: Here's a pic to serve as a friendly reminder to eat your veggies. I had to when I was a kid, and now so do you. ALL OF YOU, A'IGHT?!?!?!



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