Singleton gives Order

John Singleton, director of such classics as BOYZ N’ THE HOOD, and such non-classics as FOUR BROTHERS, is finally going to the sci-fi horror route (it’s about time, man!) with a film called EXECUTIVE ORDER: SIX. The movie follows the residents of a small snowbound town who band together to fight a mysterious threat that turns out to be an alien released after a plane crash. I can imagine writer Phllip Eisner’s (EVENT HORIZON) pitch to the studio now: “I’ve got a great story for you guys. It’s 30 DAYS OF NIGHT meets THE MIST.”

It’s a wonder that a director like John Singleton, who began his career making socially relevant films like BOYZ and HIGHER LEARNING, has followed those up with movies like 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS and FOUR BROTHERS. I guess he did make BABY BOY, but that’s hardly on par with his earliest work. The man has loads of talent, but still strikes me as an odd choice to direct this. At least he ain’t letting no strike stop him from making movies. Shooting is set to begin early next year.

Extra Tidbit: Singleton is on tap to direct the comic book adaptation of LUKE CAGE.
Source: Variety



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