Singleton's A-Team?

There was a time I'd be saddened to see a director swiftly shift from "message movies" to pure popcorn junk, but after the 70s revenge throwback FOUR BROTHERS (one of my fave recent guilty pleasures), I don't mind that John Singleton is on that path.

Singleton apparently loves it when a plan comes together (and a huge paycheck is offered) -- he's attached to direct a movie based on the 80s TV hit THE A-TEAM, so says Latino Review. A mostly needless feature adaptation has been in the works for years, but now seems to be a hot commodity for Fox (I'd also heard some rumblings that Singleton was being pursued to direct, but nothing definitive beyond that). Singleton also has another half-dozen projects in the works (including LUKE CAGE, a CONVOY remake and the just-announced sci-fi action flick EXECUTIVE ORDER SIX), but THE A-TEAM will no doubt be waiting a while for the strike weather to clear.

The show followed a team of Vietnam vets who hired themselves out as mercenaries with lousy aim, protecting innocents for cold cash while constantly running from the authorities for "crimes they didn't commit". There was Hannibal, the leader who threw punches, B.A. Baracus, the big guy who threw people, Face, the hunky smooth-talker with Cylon-fighting experience, and Murdock, the lunatic with pilot skills. Oh, and that ponytailed special-effects guy nobody really remembers. The team would generally spend a third of each episode constructing some sort of makeshift military vehicle before causing dozens of evil henchmen to do double-gainers off springboards with well-placed (yet non-injurious) explosives.

The concept (shit, even in my early teens I was aware this stuff was complete rubbish, which I tuned in to watch every single week) will obviously be updated with a contemporary tone and additional mayhem, and probably a $100 million budget. Feel free to make your casting suggestions below, but the only guy qualified to play B.A. is Terry Crews. Recognize!
Extra Tidbit: Tia Carrere was meant to join the show in its fifth season (possibly as Hannibal's illegitimate daughter from 'Nam), but it conflicted with her contract for GENERAL HOSPITAL.
Source: Latino Review



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