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Six new character posters for Scott Pilgrim!


With Comic-Con only six weeks away (?!), you can bet that SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD material, which had been few and far between not two months ago, will be flooding the internet soon. And here's a good start.

We got our hands on the international character posters for SCOTT PILGRIM, six in all, that highlight each of the evil exes of Ramona Flowers that Scott must battle to win her heart. But wait...six posters for seven evil exes? Yup, scroll down to meet the Katayanagi Twins (Ramona dated twins? At the same time?!)

Speaking of SCOTT PILGRIM, if you're a fan of Edgar Wright and wanna see some new footage from the movie, I'd suggest heading to this LA Film Fest panel with Edgar and JJ Abrams that promises an "early glimpse" at scenes from the movie.

Click on each of the posters below to see them in hi-res at our Poster Archives!

Source: JoBlo.com



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