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Skinwalkers poster


Update: The trailer can be found HERE.

I remember being at the Lionsgate panel at last year's Comic Con when they played a short clip from SKINWALKERS with absolutely no information on the film or context for the clip and thinking it was a little bizarre to do that. Either way, I now know the film has to do with warring werewolf families and that three of the hottest women on the planet star in it - Rhona Mitra, Sarah Carter and Natassia Malthe - and that, to be honest, is just about enough to get me to a theater. In any case, check out the film's poster below which my spidey sense is telling me is Mitra going all lycan. And if you've got a little time to spare, head on over to the film's OFFICIAL SITE for lots more good stuff. The film opens March 30th.


Extra Tidbit: Skinwalkers marks Lionsgate's first collaboration with Constantin Films, which, amon others, has produced WRONG TURN and the RESIDENT EVIL franchise.
Source: Lionsgate



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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